Our step by step finance process:

  • Assess your current financial position
    Assessing your current position is vital for us to get a detailed overall picture of your individual financial situation, from what loans you have at what rates to your credit and store cards and leases etc. 
    Knowing how your finances are currently set up and what parts and working for you and what parts aren’t is key to us being able to work with you to improve your overall position. We take the hard work out of lending; knowing the individual banks policy will save you a lot of heart ache in the long run.

  • Review your current interest rates and structure
    We will review your current interest rates and structure; you may not be aware that the banks will give extra discounts off the variable rate as well as great fixed rates (depending on the amount of lending you have), we can negotiate this for you whether it be with your currently lender or a new one.
    We will get your money working for you offsetting your interest on your mortgage, maybe look at you paying that little bit extra each month off your mortgage greatly reducing your overall interest paid and reducing the term of your loan.
  • Work out what goals you want to achieve now and in the future
    What are your immediate and future goals have you sat down and written up your plan for what you want to achieve now and into the future? We will work with you to identify those goals and help you put a plan in place to achieve them.
    For example you may need extra money for school fees, you may want to reduce payments on your mortgage, save for that long needed holiday or purchase an investment property.
    The key to realising those goals is working out what they are how we will go about achieving them and sticking to the plan!
  • Work out options for what you want to achieve and then get back to you with a number of scenarios
    Once we have established where you are at and where you want to be we will go away and do the hard work for you and come up with a number of options suited to your individual needs.
    Focussing on what it is that you have told us you want and don’t want and what we have discussed in relation to working towards your goals. We can coach you in establishing your individually tailored budget and develop your finance structure that will get you on your goal track!
  • Apply for finance ensuring the process runs as smoothly as possible
    When you have decided which option you would like to proceed with we will work together gathering all of your information and submit you loan application to your chosen lender. Keeping track of your application making sure that it moves along as smoothly as possible and knowing who to talk to when there is a hiccup or we need to get things done for you in a hurry!
    We keep you up to date and guide you through this process right through to settlement including a settlement review ensuring that your accounts are set up properly and working for you.
  • Review your structure in 6-12 months time (or sooner if needed)
    In 6 months’ time (or sooner if needed) we will contact your for a finance review to see how you are going with your budgeting, how your savings are growing and to check your progress to achieving your goals you set when we first met.
    You may find that you have a need for further finance for a car or possible an investment property, whatever it is that you need regarding your finances we are here to help you.
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