Self Managed Super Fund Lending

Did you know that you may be eligible to purchase an investment property using your superannuation?! There are minimum guidelines that need to be met in order for you to be able to purchase in your Superfund. If you think you may qualify or are interested in finding out if this is an option for […]

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Top tips to tackle credit card debt

Check if your extra repayments will do the trick After you do a budget take the figure you think you can spare to pay off your credit cards and put it into our¬†credit card calculator. Then you’ll see how much quicker you’ll pay off your card and how much money you’ll save. Remember, even a […]

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Signing an Unconditional Contract??!!

If you are considering signing an unconditional contract please be aware that even if you have a pre-approval in place there still could be issues that arise hindering your ability to purchase the property! For example; in between the time you sign the contract and you proceeding to formal approval a credit default may have […]

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